Stories of Change


We hope you enjoy and share these stories. But most importantly, we hope these stories will inspire you to continue creating change in yourself, in your community and in the nation.

"Every individual has a story behind him/her. Listening to their stories and making connections with them is the first step towards introspection."

To quote our friend Bhanu, "At a societal level, such individuals create an atmosphere of hope, honesty & healing which is essential for any development. Because they have taken steps of change in their own lives, they have faith that even others can change their personal lives and their surroundings can become different. This empowerment is experiential and not just cerebral. They no longer feel cynical or apathetic, they become Initiators of Change".

One of our senior coordinator, Shraddha quoted, "The conference was the best thing that  happened to me. It changed my perspective in  a life altering way".

Please find our Stories of Change:

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