About Certificates


‘Let’s Make A Difference’ offers a diverse range of learning through various conferences. By being a participant, one is eligible to receive a certificate.  The significance of receiving a certificate of participation in the National Youth Conference of Let's Make A Difference holds the highest value; it has an edge in comparison to other certificates offered, towards its conferences beyond Asia Plateau. [Read the set criteria to understand, different certificates of Let's Make A Difference].

National Youth Conference Certificate:
this vital document is presented to the bearer/person for displaying exemplary quality stated in the manual of National Youth Conference of Let's Make A Difference. The recipient had participated in all the conducted activities during eight days of stay at Asia Plateau; waking up on time, punctuality, dress ethics, presentable language, serving and doing service, attendance and participation, not being abusive towards flora, fauna, artefacts and its heritage, group activity, room sharing dynamics and above all conscious efforts, in bringing personal change.

Every participant who has earned the certificate of National Youth Conference has gone through checks and balances put in place for total participation and 100% attendance. The organising team, coordinators, volunteers and refreshers add value by being vigilant; to see, that the certificate is earned, as per the set criteria.

Let's Make A Difference team is responsible in handing over its certificate to the participant, as we are aware, the value it holds in public space, academics, employment and as a positive document in ones resume.

December Workshop:
only one individual receives this certificate for Let's Make A Difference’s most intense and introspective conference held annually in the last week of December. Strict, stringent measures of silence, awareness, deep personal sharing, away from mob mentality but displaying a character of individual. Along with these qualities, all the qualities that are listed for the National Youth Conference are also applicable to the recipient of the December Workshop Certificate. Till date only 8 individuals have been awarded this prestigious certificate.

Regional Conference:
Let's Make A Difference regional conferences have played a significant role in taking the IofC message across India. Held for three or four days, total participation, full attendance, punctuality, discipline, mannerism, language and behaviour towards gender, participants  behaviour is observed during arrival, departure and breaks. All this becomes our basis for awarding a certificate.

Virtual Conference:
  This conference introduces the participant to the idea of Let's Make A Difference and few of its most effective tools. We expect full participation, virtual etiquette and presentable decorum during the sessions. This certificate is the first nascent step in knowing the teachings of Let's Make A Difference. If the National Youth Conference at Asia Plateau, Panchgani is a full length movie, the Virtual Conference is just a trailer.

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