Coordinators way of life


Questions for Coordinator during every Workshop

  1. What it means to be a coordinator of Let's Make A Difference
  2. Which qualities should I see within myself
  3. Am I going to build my foundation on discipline, sacrifice and hardwork consistently
  4. How am I going to improve my reading and speaking skills
  5. Am I on my own, going to take Initiative which will satisfy me and benefit the society
  6. Can we be one personality with Quiet Time and Introspection at its base
  7. Do I regularly evaluate myself against the absolute values, and what does absolute means to me

The expectations and qualities expected from the Coordinator outside Youth Conference

  • Good Living
  • Follow the absolute values and regular Quiet Time
  • Strengthen City Chapters
  • Have to be involved in at least one project directly
  • Anchor one National level visible program to happen once a year
  • Continuous improvements and evolution of knowledge and skills
  • Should be equipped and confident to conduct a session to sustain regional work.
  • Mandatory Expectations
    • Good Reading
    • Meeting people regularly at highest levels in their region.
    • Networking skills
  • Inherent qualities:
    • Self-Discipline
    • Staying calm and focused at all circumstances
    • Thirst to acquire knowledge and reading
    • Good Health and exercise that will help to preserve oneself
    • Regular Quiet Time and Introspection on lines of Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love.
    • Hardworking
    • No Vices
    • Wealth Creation and its management
    • Effective communication
    • Creativity and Nurturing hobbies
    • Cleanliness and sustainable living
    • Pursuit of Excellence

My views which will change this country

  • Clean drinking water for every citizen.
  • Definition of education needs to be re- written, compulsory school till class tenth for both girl and boy child where one can read and write in at least one language along with basic computer knowledge. The school should have all weather roof, cement walls, at least one room dedicated to computer learning and a black board.
  • Pollution of Rivers, Metros, Towns, Religious Places, Tourist interest, Beaches, Parks, National forest, Reserve green areas, Ecological fragile zones, Mountains and Himalayas. Zero tolerance.
  • Compulsory for every child and youth of this country to nurture five saplings in to full grown trees. Every year we must add 1% to green cover. This will be the highest form of contribution to the nation and should be acknowledge with certificate by the government. This should include barren hills and mountains.
  • Roads. The most important life line of the country and economy. Every village has to be connected by a tar road to a major town and every major town has to be connected to a big city by a four lane tar road and every major city has to be connected by world class super express highways.
  • Every village, town and city has to have uninterrupted power supply. Target five years.
  • Complete computerization of data right from the tehsil, Zillah parishad, gram panchayat to village level to the Parliament. Covering every village, town and city.
  • After independence financial immorality of Ministers, Member of the Parliament, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Municipal councilors, Secretaries, Judges, Bureaucrats and Police. Should be probed by independent authority and all the money made through corrupt practices and funds siphoned out of the country should be brought back to the government coffers. This will completely cleanse the system and will also help create Benchmark Politicians and Parliamentarians in the days to come.
  • Instill the feeling of patriotism in the heart of every Indian like pre Independence, where country comes first before I, My, Me and Mine.
  • Not a drop of blood on my soil through the act of terrorism. Citizens should live without fear. Message should be loud and clear to the world do not mess with India.

- Viral Mazumdar


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