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The essence of Initiatives of Change (IofC) is change. Our parent organization started with the name Moral Re-Armament (MRA) by a gentleman called Frank Buchman. He started this group with only a thought which said – “Change starts from within”. Over the years many minds and many hearts became involved with the idea and Mrs and Mr. Khorshed and Kekoo Gandhy introduced this idea to India.

In the year 1963 Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi lead a march across the nation from Kanyakumari to Delhi calling for clean, strong and united India. The response was well received by the young student community which as a follow up, training camps were held at Panchgani for the youth and later the citizens of Panchgani invited MRA to establish a training centre, that lead to the creation of Asia Plateau.

A young group derived inspiration from IofC and started a Youth Program called 'Let's Make a Difference' which is an ongoing programme from 1994. This conference reached out to thousands of youth from all walks of life.

Hundreds of individuals are inspired by this idea and make an attempt to live by it. This Youth Movement now conducts Local Conferences & lecture series in various cities across Indian Sub-Continent. The process of change is continuous, one cannot stop the process of change and the best way to enjoy change is to be part of it & flow with it. IofC talks of change and change begins with one's self first.

We have been on this journey with committed young people from all over nation – a youth team comprising youngsters who feel earnestly to dedicate themselves to the cause of development of the nation and the mankind.

We have seen and witnessed personal change of individuals for all these years and this gives us constant impetus to work with the young people and see a hope that collectively we will make a difference to individuals, families, society, country and the world at large.

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