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This council plays the role of Mentors who spend their time in nurturing and guiding the Youth under "IofC - Let’s Make a Difference" to bring long lasting personal change that inspire more youth to live life based on moral and ethical conduct. The Advisory Council is an open platform where mentors are welcomed and appreciated. They evaluate themselves and share their wisdom and care with the Youth associated.

Viral Mazumdar (Program Director) 

Viral Mazumdar is a businessman, who has worked extensively across the world. For over 30 years he has been involved with Initiatives of Change (IofC)  also known as MRA (Moral Re-Armament). The idea of IofC is ‘Change starts from oneself before changing the world’.

In 1994 he started the Youth movement of "IofC - Let's Make a Difference" which has trained over 20000 Youth across India to be benchmark citizens who give alternative to thinking in society by listening to their conscience.

Lovingly known as Viralbhai by his youth team, he has lead by example, inspired, cared, loved and nurtured several hundreds of Youth who work as Senior Coordinators and Coordinators today. They organize Regional Youth Conferences in Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Baramati, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Bhavnagar, Indore, etc. where youth are mobilized and trained to live a life on moral and ethical values. Every year, in the first week of June, his team hosts participants across India for the National Youth Conference in Asia Plateau, Panchgani for 8 day residential Youth Conference. These Youth Conferences have helped thousands of youth to be guided by their conscience and live life based on honesty, selflessness and servant leadership. 

Prabhat Kumar (Council Advisor) 

Prabhat Kumar born and brought up in Bihar is a former governor of Jharkhand and a former cabinet secretary in Government of India. He is a 1964 batch IAS officer. He was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary in April 1998.

Initiatives of Change has been conducting ‘Ethics in Public Governance’ programmes for senior bureaucrats of the Indian Administrative Services, the elite core of public service as well as training for senior corporate executives on moral and ethical values in public and personal life.

He also leads the "Initiatives of Change - Center for Governance" which conducts training programs and consultative discussions to bring highest ethical standards in public offices and governmental departments.

Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayana (Council Advisor) 

Jaya Prakash Narayana, a physician, joined public administration after making it to I.A.S. in 1980 standing among all India top 10. He worked on agriculture, irrigation, technology and youth rehabilitation projects in various capacities in various districts of Andhra Pradesh.

He is the President of Lok Satta Party and former Member of the Legislative Assembly from Kukatpally constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

A former Indian public administrator, well known for his role in electoral reforms and the Right to Information (RTI) act. He has also written columns in Indian newspapers, such as Times of India, The Economic Times, Financial Express, The Hindu and Eenadu and hosted television shows covering elections and politics such as "Pratidhwani".

Bhanu Kale (Council Advisor) 

Mr. Bhanu Kale has been very actively associated with the work of Initiatives of Change since he was 16. He began his career in journalism in mid-70's by working with the English weekly - Himmat edited by Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi. In the recent years, he has founded and edited a monthly magazine called "Change for Better" which gave positive stories of change as an anti-dote to the prevailing atmosphere of apathy and cynicism. Mr. Kale firmly believes in the decision he took in 1969 at the age of 16 to be part of the solution rather than be part of the problem.

Professionally, Mr. Bhanu Kale has been working in the field of Marathi Literature with the objective to enhance Marathi language. He has the same feeling for all other languages which are all slowly dying the face of Globalization. He also edits and publishes the monthly Marathi magazine called "Antarnaad". He has also written 6 books in Marathi which all have been critically acclaimed.

He currently resides in Pune with his wife Varsha and daughter Priyanka.

Neha Mazumdar

Neha Mazumdar, known by lovingly as Nehaben in the IofC family, is the first anchor to build Youth Movement in IofC. It is through her perserverance, support and tireless sacrifices that each year, National Youth Conference has been scaling new benchmarks. Neha is the invisible hand, that makes her magic by working silently behind the scenes, ensuring that National Conference is running smooth by taking on all the pressure without impacting any of the Coordinators. She has been working throughout all initiatives and managing the entire life chain of Youth Conference, which seems a black box to thousands of participants. Right from registrations of the huge turnouts, room allocations, handling participants with allergies, ensuring highest standards of food, addressing any medical emergencies, designing Conference Kits, etc. has been her selfless contribution.

In her, many have found a true friend, who is honest with unconditional love and caring.

Youth are welcomed to suggest Mentors who would add enriching value to the Youth Movement of IofC. Please contact

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