IofC encourages every individual to find one’s unique contribution to the transformation needed in the world - starting with oneself. It believes that every individual can make a difference to the world around. Honest introspection leading to initiative of change in one's life is the starting point of change.

It encourages every individual to find his or her unique contribution to the transformation needed in the world by following the absolute moral standards of Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love (PHUL). IofC believes in these standards and sensitizes every person to evaluate themselves against the four standards. Today’s youth feels it is outdated to talk about honesty, purity and so on. But when one encounters these values at Let's Make A Difference and reflects upon them in one’s time of silence, one realizes the timelessness of these values.

  • Purity is the state of body, mind, and soul that is free from contaminated thoughts, habits, and beliefs and that which brings within oneself the clarity of vision, untampered by doubts and hesitations. One’s hygiene, cleanliness and their fine speech, decent vision, and righteous actions are a reflection of their pure conscience.
  • Honesty is an individual’s facet of moral character. It provides the person the strength to be bold, fair, and upright. It promotes sincerity and builds trust. Being honest enables the person to have a simple, untangled, and singular personality in different peer groups.
  • Unselfishness is a way of living, Individuals today have become more self-centered, which leads to creating a false, narrow, and egoistic worldview. Being unselfish means putting others' needs before one’s. It enables the person to have a broad mind and nurture empathy for others.
  • Love without conditions is godly. Let's Make A Difference preaches unconditional, non-judgmental love equal for all people without a feeling of desire to get returns.

Once they evaluate themselves against these values the first step of realization dawns upon them and that is when the process of change begins.


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