December Workshop - 2013


In Search of Silence, 28th Dec 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014 at Asia Plateau

Expressions of all those who attended the December Work Shop. 28 December to 2 January.

These 6 days in Panchgani were entirely refreshing and a mind boggling experience. As each moment passed, it revealed something new and I experienced a strong realisation about me and situations. The entire program has so much to give and it made me realise who I actually am and what are my wants from this life. That, gave a new dimension to my life. Once this is clear in our minds, I am sure there is no looking back and no full stop whatsoever. It suddenly lit the fire in me and brought a whole lot of focus, confidence and determination and filled my moral up to the brim. As each day passed, it brought in new faith and strong impact-full moments that I am sure will guide me throughout. The powerful sharings taught us so much and we connected so beautifully with one another and the bond formed felt so strong. I learnt some very important lessons of life which had a great impact, for instance, "Discipline weighs in Grams and Regrets weigh in Tonnes", and so much more. As I sit here and view my 6 days at Panchgani, it plays in front of my eyes like a wonderful story, a journey which I can possibly never forget. I feel extremely inspired and motivated and very strong from within and I will never let this feeling die. I am sure it is going to take me to places and I will achieve everything that I dream of. Back in reality or my daily routine, everything seems to be falling in place and working out nearly perfectly. I feel rejuvenated and my journey from happiness to bliss has begun. I strongly believe it shall be achieved very soon.

Thank you so much, for this wonderful experience. I can never thank you and my parents enough for giving me this opportunity to see life this way. Thank You. I feel extremely blessed.

Firstly I was absolutely privileged to be there for the workshop.

Once I got the call I was not sure if I wanted to make it to the workshop knowing that it was going to be quite intense in nature, and it was right to be there.

The workshop was from 27th of December, 2013 to the 2nd of January, 2014.

This was an extension to the youth conference that happens in the month of June every year. This was the little push needed that was just required before all the plans made in the youth conference faded away. It just reinforced every thought.

Unlike the youth conference this was a smaller group where people were from different walks of life. We had some from the age of 16yrs to a working professional at L&T Constructions.

At first most of us were unaware of what was it going to be about, but is it progressed further the purpose became much clear. It first began with simpler questions then moving to complex questions.

For me personally I felt that the simplest of questions were the ones we never thought about. They would be there but we never thought of thinking about them seriously. I never realized that I could think on hours quietly without saying a word. Also I got the confidence to share with people who I really am without being judged for it. It is simply because in our daily lives we usually talk with precession almost having the fear of constantly being judged by others. Here I got the confidence to be and portray the same to others. Some questions which were always there on the back of my mind were answered and in a way, it was a new PERSPECTIVE.

It’s not always the problems you have but it’s the solutions you come up with.

As we progressed towards the end of it the questions almost seemed to connect with each other as if it was all a part of one single question.

The best part was even though we were all from different walks of life the same questions had different meanings to us. We would all be on the same plane with the question, then our thoughts would all go on different plains and then during the sharing we would realize that we all were very much on the same plane/page.

We all had our moments which were indeed very remarkable and am sure will be there with us for the rest of our lives. The nature played a very important role in the entire workshop as most of our Quiet times were amidst the nature.

From now if ever I falter I know where to go to, MY DIARY…

We were a group and for all of us the moments shared and lived were for a lifetime.

I Harshal Thakare , a participant of "LMAD - December workshop 2013", sharing my journey and experience in workshop.

I was introduced to Iofc-Lmad exactly 27 months ago on 27-9-2011 at LMAD Nagpur youth conference . Again life gave me good thing in form of December workshop started from 27-12-2013 and ended on 2-1-2014 after quite time .

When we got calls and messages of invitation , we was very curious to know, Who are invited ? What will happen in workshop ? . To know more about December workshop we asked our close friends who had attended the same in past years but answers wasn't satisfied and they was not able describe their own experience in words . My friend Nisreen Baramatiwala told me that everything will be intense and deep . Don't miss this golden opportunity 'go and grab it'.

I reached AP at 11:30am on 27th December . Then I spend day in talking and receiving other participants. We set up a our classroom in library. In. evening we start planning for next five days . Then we share our intentions and expections from december workshop . I share, what I know about workshop ? Why I want to attend ? What I expect from it ? .

We discussed next days plan , decide time and all , and at 10:00pm we went to our respected room .

First Day: 28-12-2013

On first day of workshop we started with quite time at 7am . That was first quite time after six month at AP and I just tried to listen the air, nature, tried to stay mentally stable . While doing it suddenly tears started flowing and that time my conscious told my mind 'let them flow don't control it' I cried very silently for few minutes, after that QT I feel free and unburdened.

After breakfast we move to next session , question was "What are my achievements and successful movements since childhood?". I wrote a five to six pages only of my big achievements . I was very happy, positive, excited after the session. I share my achievements, I was very happy, energized after session.

After lunch we started session on "I and We ". I started thinking on I & we , many thoughts came on subject , after session ended in night ,after dinner got little clarity on thought I and We .

Second Day: 29-12-2013

On second day of workshop we start day at 6:30 am with a question for quite time . The question was "What I am searching for my life ?", I think this is toughest question in workshop , I take this question very seriously I tried to go as deep as possible to find the answer , but its not easy to find answer in few hours .

After the breakfast we start preparing for one day workshop for Baramati team in which we spend whole day till dinner . After a dinner we keep continue the topic of habit , which was started on 28th's evening. Before going to room he gave us three points on same topic of habit for morning quite time of third day 30-12-2013 . The points was

  • Clearly identify your bad unproductive habits .
  • Define your new successful habits.
  • Create an action plan.

Third Day: 30-12-2013

On the morning of 30th we start with points given on habits, we continue the same in quite time and after breakfast till lunch.

My own conclusion on topic of habits is , It is very fruitful session of workshop . It put many hidden dissolved things within on page of dairy. It help me lot to take more effective corrective measures .

After lunch we got a very important question for extended quite time, the question was "What am I ?", with this question I went for extended quite time . I think that quite time was best at AP . I got much clarity on my own self and today where I standing. We share so many things about this question , by continuing same question. we end day .

Fourth Day: 31-1-2013

The fourth day of this workshop we start a day by continuing the question 'what I am?', for quite time then we discuss the topic of TIME and SELFMANAGEMENT .

On later part of day we think and discuss another very important question "What I want to be ?" . This question give more clarity on question 'what I am searching for my life ?' And 'what I am ?' . This question clarify my. mind ,given solution for my confusion's.

In the evening of 31st we celebrate last day of year with whole AP family . In the midnight prayers I felt connected with god . That was best. beginning of new year in my 20 year. This was first time I celebrate 31st and new year away from my home .

Fifth Day: 1-1-2014

After sleeping at 2am in night we all again start our day at 6:30am with same enthusiasm . We start day with multi faith prayers till sunrise . After breakfast we done a session with Dr. Ravi Rao .

After lunch we started with very important session with new question , "What I want to be? How I will achieve it ?",with this question we went for our last extended quite time of. workshop .The answer of last question give a much more clarity of thoughts and it connect all questions, quite times, sharing.

In last evening we got feedback of each and everyone. I fell connected to each and every ones sharing .

On 2nd January we start our day with quite time and our workshop ended with this QT.

My Personal Experience Of Workshop

As I mentioned before I was introduced to Iofc 27months ago , from that time I start realizing the very slow and steady positive change in my own self . But in journey of the change, many time I failed to achieve my own goals and target . I attend two national conference before this workshop in that conferences I solved my own problems by common guidance and quite time .

I am happy with my own journey of change but not satisfied with it. I want to achieve best possible level of goodness , I want to set example of excellence in every aspect of life .

Before coming to December workshop I was confused on same important decisions of life . I was unaware of bad things within me, my weakness , my unproductive habits .

At the same time I think I have clarity on What I want to be ? And How I am going to achieve it ?

In this workshop I found my weakness, unproductive bad habits , I realized my own mistakes.

I think many people know that I believe and have complete trust and faith in my Hindu religion and they know that I am studying it very seriously . The study of Hindu and Vedic scriptures helping me in every aspect of my life .

In this workshop apart from self realization, it help me to sort out confusion and to find solutions of situations which I countered in past and present.

The biggest achievement for me from the workshop is attaining a mental strength and willpower.

I personally thank for giving me such great opportunity to think for life to remove bad and add many good things in life .

The memories of this workshop will last till the end of life and after life also . I never laugh in 20 year , like those six days . I enjoyed company of each and everyone . Everyone made me overflow of joy and laughs .

Thank you MRA and everyone who make my life joyful, happy , improving.

The first time I came to Asia Plateau for this workshop in 2011, every day was a new revelation for me. Every quiet time under the moving clouds was very special, every sharing deep and unique.

At that time life felt quite settled, I had finished studies and had a secured job, my income was at my disposal and I had time on my hands to spend as I pleased, whether it was entertaining myself, taking on further studies or my contribution to the society.

I went with no expectations, trusting the ideas of IOfC, only to surrender myself completely to what was to come. Little did I realize that if I had to give back to the society, I had to make my plate full in the first place. Only if my inner self is at peace, can I give myself whole heartedly to a larger cause.

The workshop helped gradually unveil myself which gave an inner peace and I was ready to face the outside world as a new being.

The thought process created in this journey is unlike any other conference or even quiet time we have regularly. The thoughts are directed towards something larger, which would never cross our minds under normal circumstances. My EVOLUTION as an individual started in this workshop.

When I looked at my life in the succeeding two years, I feel very satisfied; I have accomplished a lot. I have grown well as a professional ready to move on to another profile, I have developed new skills and made lots of new friends.

Most of all, I became more confident, ready to face all the challenges the world had to thrust at me. All those thoughts were there with me even before, but I was able to implement them only after this workshop.

Once again I came in 2013, again in a similar emotional level as in 2011. Not having much to worry about and not expecting anything, but this time knowing a bit of what was to happen. This time the workshop revealed to me that I consumed myself in doing all that I wanted to do, and in the process forgetting to reflect on what I really wanted. Forgetting questions like, what am I searching for in life and what I want to be. I stopped evolving, I stagnated and I realized that I had to continue this inward journey in order to sustain. Inner resurgence and action had to go hand in hand. That was the major learning for me.

I was quite unsettled and I felt my concentration deviating, until I was able to accept what I really wanted to be and how to achieve them, until I was able to actually put it in writing; in other words, until I bared myself to the diary in my hand.

It was difficult putting those thoughts into words and it is going to be even more difficult to bring them into action, but my real take away from this exercise is the hope that I can change things for the better.

The unrestricted sharing of thoughts was really motivating, helping each other to connect, empathize and ultimately elevate each other. The endeavour was to share as much of the best I made of the past two years, for others to take back to the real world; and the return gift was also equally priceless.

One may wonder how it is possible to grasp and take away so much in such a short span of time. However, the sequence of the workshop and relevance of it to each individual was so striking that everybody was very well able to connect and move with the flow of questions and thoughts.

The exercises on habits and time (self-management) and mainly the discussions with Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi and Dr. Ravi Rao gave us a key to sustainability and focus on the real purpose of life; the key to move from mass to class.

With the understanding that life can be much more than what it is, that if not for this journey, there would have been no life but mere existence, and of course leaving behind a portion of my heart, I departed from Asia Plateau once againas a new being.

I have realised that i am good human being and possess few good qualities . I never had thought or realised that habits play such a huge role in eventually what you are and what you will become but now i know how much important they hold in your life to such an extent that they define who you are . Now that i have realized I am working hard to convert my bad habits into good habits with effective and optimum utilization of time as time is the most important thing and its fixed and no matter what it cannot be increased or decreased this thing has got deep into me and i want to do all the things and achieve everything which i have dreamt of. I want to become something in the sense i want to create history and not just leave a mediocre life as mediocrity is crime and sin . I don't want to be just another person who just came on earth spend time , did standard things and left . I will achieve all this with determination , hard work , sincerity , PHUL and action plan . I am fully charged up i wont let this momentum die after a long time it has come the way it should be .I have not shared much about my dreams but my actions and achievements will speak for me . It may take time but will surely happen.

Some lines :-

Asha ki kiran liye chal rahi hun,

Faisla niyati ka jo bhi ho,

Khud pe bharosa kiye chal rahi hun,

kamzor padna meri fitrat mein nahi,

Takat ko apna hamsafar banaye fir rahi hun,

chahti toh bahut kuch hu,

pehar pehar mehnat karti chal rahi hun,

sochti hun,

vo waqt kitna khusnasib hoga jab meri duon ka asar chahne lagega....

So much got reinforced into me i dint gave much importance to inner voice and tried to listen to my brain and now when i went back and yes every time the voice was so right and exactly the same things happened but now i will listen to it and will go that way .

I am so happy and thank you for everything . Felt really good to be there .

The following Paragraph is an account of my experience of the Dec Workshop 2014. 

Living abroad and living away from my family for the first time was a completely new experience for me. After close to half a year of living this way , getting back to India and the thought of attending and being a part of the December workshop was an inexplicable feeling. Even though this was going to be my 2ed December workshop , the enthusiasm and excitement of being a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity workshop was never hampered even a little bit. I would really like to thank my parents for once again letting me be a part of this intense workshop in December for the members of the LMAD group. Without doubts I expected the workshop to be extremely serious, to have intense and prolonged quiet times and quality sharing session and without doubts the workshop did have them all.

Day0 started on a light note with each and everyone of us coming in and bonding with one another . It was a really pleasant sight and lovely experience meeting all those people who had been a part of LMAD coordinating team and participants over the last couple of years and more. Interacting with senior LMAD team members like Ronak Bhaiya, just gives you the perfect living reason why MRA, LMAD are life changing and important in ones daily life and way of living.

Day1 started off with MRA core principal of quiet time and a very pertinent question regarding ones achievements in his or her lifetime over the past several years they have lived. Participants were asked to jolt down even the smallest of smallest achievements that even included " earning my first cricket kit" or getting my first Ipod. Viral bhai had rightly mentioned that this was one very important exercise as more often than not the feeling of anxiety and depression creeps into a human beings life, and when this feeling creeps in , we as human beings become low and depressed. Looking at ones quiet time diary and reading the answers to this question could very well be the ideal solution to overcome such a phase in ones life. Day1 concluded with everyones hearing on this topic and also the final plan of Day2 on which we expected our participants from Baramati to be with us.

Day2 started with quiet time and the question given to us today was "Who am I?". We had a considerable amount of time to be quiet on this question , however the sharing was left to the evening of this day as we had our participants from Baramati this day.

Our participants from Baramati arrived in the later part of the morning this day.

We conducted an Asia Plateau tour for them , Gave them a good time for having quiet time within the property and finally opened the floor to them at the auditorium for sharing. our participants had left by around 6 pm back to Baramati and then we had our sharing on the question given to us in the morning.

Day3 started with a little more reflection into the previous days question of "Who Am I?" Once all the participants had a little more clarity on this question and every participant had finished sharing. He conducted a very interesting session on "Habits" . He spoke about how habits make a person , he told us how habits can be destructive and how good habits are essential for successful living. Post this interactive session came the question for quiet time of " Jolt down all the bad habits of your and the good habits of yours" Participants came out with a variety of Bad and good habits and the exercise that followed helped many participants eliminate their bad habits and inculcate good habits. This day also saw another very powerful question for quiet time " What am I Searching for in my life?" Participants were taken back by this question and it took a considerable and sincere quit time effort for many of us to come out with good and positive sharing on this question. The post breakfast session was an interactive session by Mr Rajmohan Gandhi ji on his latest book "Punjab". He gave many of us an insight into his connection with MRA and the tons of research he had to do in order to write such a book. All the participants were engrossed in his ways of expression and the effort he had taken all his life in being the humble human being he is today. Post this interactive session with Rajmohan Gandhi ji

Day4 started with another very powerful question for quiet time " Who Do I want to be"

Participants very carefully reflected on this thought and stayed on with this question in their minds. The sharing that came post the quiet time for this question was very satisfying. The post breakfast session was about Time management. He felt this session was the need of the hour as more often than not many of us complain that we dont have time to do things. He conveniently proved most of us who said that wrong. Considering the participants were a mixed crowd of working professionals and Students he took a case from both the ends and showed us how we as human beings if we reduced our sleep timings and wasteful/unproductive activities we could gain more daylight time. Participants post this session were given adequate quiet time to reflect on this matter and answer the question of how one could make more time in order to be more productive. Participants were asked to jolt down any wrong things they had committed in 2013 on a piece of paper and we all went to burn that paper near the woods of Asia Plateau.

This day was also new years eve, Hence along with the Asia plateau family we participants were a part of the new years celebrations. an Asia plateau circus was conducted and participants were put in teams of various circus characters to play.

the Dec workshop tem welcomed the new years in a very quiet and peaceful manner by praying to the almighty and staying silent for close to half an hour- forty minutes. This was followed by a cake cutting for the New years.

Day5 being the new years day , we all participants gathered in the open and remained quiet till the Sun came out, We welcomed the new years rising sun with prayers in our hearts. WE all then had a prayer session with participants reciting prayers from their respective faiths. Post breakfast we had a session with the resident trustee of Asia Plateau Mr Ravi Rao. He had an interactive session with all of us and spoken very enthusiastically about his long term association with MRA . His insight and depth of talking was very much appreciated by all the participants. His account with the Naxals and how with a pure, genuine heart and principles of MRA imbibed by him, he managed to make those naxals lay down their weapons and follow the path of MRA. Participants were in awe of this man and his efforts. Post this session , he posted the question of " How will i achieve , what i want to be?" , this question being the last question of the workshop and a tie up of all the previous questions was given the longest quiet time. Participants were fully rejoiced and in all smiles post this quiet time. The sharing of this quiet time thoughts were intense and participants felt a big relief inside them and the smile on the outside said it all.

Day6 being the day all participants had to leave for home ,was not a very happy one. The day started with our last quiet time and sharing. Participants bid goodbye to one another.

Over the last 5 days of this workshop participants had formed great bonds with one another, empathised and understood the situations of each other and above all surrendered to the workshop completely. It would be an understatement if i said the workshop was a success, because the workshop was indeed more than just a success story.

The everlasting love that both of them carry for all of us in their hearts is one pure example of how love can be unconditional. The everlasting smiles on the faces of staff and other people at the MRA centre, Asia plateau show how much this centre mean to everybody and apart from the humongous efforts of his, this conference would have never been the same without the contribution of the other staff of Asia plateau who made us feel at home.

That for you ladies and gentlemen is my account of the December workshop 2014

Thank you and with loads of love

I felt really great when I was invited for the December Workshop this time. This was my second time and I had come with the intention of learning more, becoming more consistent in what I do and also to broaden my thoughts so as to take a ahead in moving from "I" to "We". I had a wonderful year in 2013after my last workshop but I was lacking consistency and this is what I wanted to work upon. On the first day it was great meeting everyone, seeing some old faces and moreover meeting many new people this time who's thoughts and sharing’s took me to a totally different level in the span of next 6 days at Asia Plateau.

The first question we were given was "What am I searching for in my life?". This came as a very thought provoking question to me. Last time I wasn’t able to write much for the same question. However this time I realized that I wanted to become a better person and improve myself in all ways, set an example and help people around me. I wanted to do something which makes a difference. I also wanted to achieve that feeling of happiness from inside always which I later came to know is known as bliss. This question is a never ending question and we need to ask this question to ourselves and our ultimate goal in life is to attain that feeling of bliss by getting connected with the Almighty.

Then later we had a session on habits. It was rightly pointed out that good habits build the character of a person and bad habits define what a person is. One should try and inculcate good habits in them and eliminate the bad and unproductive habits. We were then given this question to ponder about in the quiet time "Clearly identify your bad and unproductive habits. Define your new successive habits. Create an action plan." The first question opened my eyes as to how much time I used to waste over my bad habits and how much could I have achieved had it not been for these bad and unproductive habits which have stopped me. Then I listed what all good habits I wanted to inculcate in me and what steps must I take to do that.

The next question which we came across was the simple three word question "What am I?". This question gave me a better insight to what type of a person I am and where I stood in my life presently. It was more of a reality check for me and I was far from what I want to be.

Then we had a session How to generate useful Daylight time and managing self to optimum utilisation for maximum satisfaction. I calculated and realized that if I reduced my various bad habits and distractions keeping myself focussed and occupied by doing something productive I could generate about 30-35 hours of useful daylight time in 1 week. Then we wrote a road map for 1 week to achieve that and see.

The next question which was given to us was "What I want to be?". Here I wrote what I want type of a person I want to become someone who does not compromise on the basic MRA values of PHUL, someone who has strong will power, adheres to strict discipline and does everything with total perfection. Also I want to really address to my weight issues badly and drive the laziness from inside me. I want to give back to the society, motivate people around me who also have lost path in life like I had and spread happiness wherever I go. I want to evolve as a person continuously and never stop. By writing all this and comparing to what I had written in the question "What am I?" I realized how far I am and how much I needed to work to attain what I wanted to be.

After we all had realized where we all stood and what we wanted to be or achieve, the only thing that was left was how could we achieve all this and move from "Mass" to "Class". We had to convert our thoughts into action. The biggest weapon that was needed for this is will power. We had a very powerful session on will power. We have to execute authority over our mind and convert our thought to reality. We have to condition our mind that I can do it and challenge our mind continuously because building will power is like building our stamina. Our focus should be on our conscious will and we should realize that our past failure is not our future result. Then we got the question "How am I going to achieve what I want to be?" Initially when I thought about this I wrote many pages for this question. But again when I gave it a thought the next day, I just realized that the answer to this question was very short and everything just boiled down to 8 common factors.

Success = (Will Power) * (Thoughts from inner voice or quiet time) * (Health) * (Discipline) * (Prayers)*(Good Habit)/(Bad Habits * Time wasted or Unproductive Time)

Will Power : I should constantly surround myself with thoughts about what I want to achieve and what I need to do and have to constantly challenge my mind to develop on my will power.

Thoughts from inner voice: Get more thoughts by doing quiet time regularly and realize where I am heading to by reading the quiet time diary as a source of motivation when needed.

Health: Need to be stay fit and healthy and hence need to exercise daily and eat healthy food.

Discipline: Need to be disciplined and do things in an organized manner.

Good Habits: Need to inculcate as many good habits as possible because good habits determines the character of a person.

Prayers: Pray to God to guide me and be with me throughout and help me get up in case I fall down.

Bad Habits: Need to reduce bad and productive habits as they consume a lot of valuable time of your life.

Time Wasted/Unproductive Time: Time wasted is time gone. Everyone in this world has been given equal 24 hours in a day. We need to make the fullest out of whatever time we have so there is no regret in future.

I regretted and cried because I could not be consistent in 2013 where I could have achieved a lot more than I actually did. I realized how much I need to work and how badly I needed to reduce my weight. I will work upon my consistency this time. Also I would work upon my hygiene and food habits as pointed out. There were many beautiful moments felt during the long quiet time when I tried to be still. I would never forget them. Thanks for providing me this wonderful opportunity once again and I will not let you down this time.

Report on the Coordinators Workshop held at Asia Plateau

Date: 27th December 2013 to 2nd January 2014

I must say that I was blessed to be a part of this work shop. This workshop was one of a kind and is very much different from the Annual Youth Conferences that I have attended earlier. Nothing was told to me about the workshop from the people who have attended it earlier. I therefore decided to surrender myself and go with the flow.

The main objective of this workshop was to instil in us the ability to think from the point of view of “I” to “we”. It also stressed on changing our behaviour from “mass” to “class”.

Unlike the YC, this workshop comprised of longer quiet times and intense focus on some questions that revolved around us in particular.

The following questions were given to us to think about deeply. They were simple questions but had big answers. The answers were all within us.

  • What are my achievements ever since I was a child?
  • Habits
  • Who am I/ What am I?
  • How well do I make use of my time?
  • What am I searching for in life?
  • What I want to be
  • How am I going to achieve what I want to achieve?

The more I pondered over these questions, the more I got to know myself better. They exposed my lifestyle, my attitude and my thought process. Each question brought me back to the basics. I realised what went wrong in my life and that I am solely responsible for where I am today. I also realised that all the questions are closely inter-connected with each other. As I wrote down the answers to each of these questions in my quiet time, I learnt a lot about myself and I realised a lot of new things. For example, I realised that how much time I waste in a day because of my bad habits. After answering the questions in our quiet time, all the participants would gather in the library and share whatever they wrote in their diaries during the quiet time. The sharing by each participant and the inputs of the seniors and sir gave me a lot of knowledge and ideas. I was able to connect to almost everyone in the room as each and every one of them had experiences from which they grew and learnt a lot. Sometimes we pondered over the same question twice in order for us to look deeper. The deeper we went, the more clarity we got.

In one of the sharing sessions, I also learnt about the importance of connecting with the god within me. I realised that I am a person who was disconnected with the laws of nature and the god within me. The god within me has all the answers to everything. But, we need to have a quiet time regularly to slowly build this connection. It will take time, but eventually through consistent practice, we shall soon be able to connect with the god inside us.

After writing all the answers in my diary, I vowed to make changes to my lifestyle and grow as a human being.

The program threw a lot of surprises day by day and with each day the learning curve went high. I particularly liked the way in which I could have my quiet time. I spent at least 2-2.5 hours each day having a quiet time. And the method of lying down in nature was a beautiful experience. I was able to commune with nature and my mind was at peace. One of my favourite spots in Asia plateau for having a quiet time is the playground. I had one of the best moments of my life during the quiet time sessions. The clear and quiet air and the green surroundings stilled my mind and made me think without any distractions.

Viral sir is a great speaker and I have learnt a lot from his teachings. His lecture on the power of the human mind was one of his best sessions I have ever attended. I never realised that the mind was capable of great things. This session was very powerful and enlightening. I learnt that we could be anything we ever wanted to be and also achieve great things using the power of our minds.

During the workshop, I was introduced to the concept of power nap. A power nap is just sleep for not more than an hour. A power nap refreshes the mind and helps us think clearly. It is something that I am going to take back home and instil as a habit on a regular basis.

I also learnt a lot from my roommate Vineet, who is attending this workshop for the second time. He shared his experiences and inputs that helped him after the first workshop he attended. He achieved more and grew as a human being. The presence of seniors in the work shop proved to be very helpful. The seniors helped us and shared a lot of their invaluable experiences.

The common prayer on the last day was also an amazing ritual. Praying together created a sense of magic in the air and also made us connect with one another and god.

In the YC, I was taught to measure my life on the basis of honesty, purity, unselfishness and love. But, in addition, I feel that one should also measure his life on the basis of the above questions from time to time. As the workshop came to an end, I learnt that I have infinite potential to change my life completely. My diary is a friend and a guide. And I shall read it regularly to remind myself the commitments I have made towards changing as a human being. I committed myself to make changes and act on them consciously and consistently. I left the workshop with a determination to be a man of class and not a man of the masses. And this is the quote I take back from this workshop- “Discipline weighs in grams. But regret weighs in tons!!”

Individuals are the prime contributors and with dedicated and motivated professionals they can add tremendous value to the life of a person. It is not just growing up but adding life to your years which makes it more meaningful. Tremendous changes can be hoped for, with the right kind of environment and attitude.

Focusing on educating and building yourself at every stage, reviewing, analysing and upgrading with changing trends, shouldering responsibilities and balancing autonomy, accountability, empowerment, one can script one’s own success story. Talent, unwavering desire to succeed and readiness to sacrifice can take one on the top of the world.

Keeping this in mind and hoping for a better tomorrow December workshop 2013 was held in Panchgani from 27th December to 2nd January, 2014.There were 15 participants. On the first day of the workshop, the participants learnt to look within themselves to reflect, ponder on and act differently. The second day, they learnt how to graduate from I to WE. Also they learnt how to turn from being self-centred and individualistic to working collectively. Further they identified their good as well as bad habits. They got to know that, bad thing brings out one's vulnerability which is also the birth place of love, belonging, joy, courage and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability and authenticity. It helps to bring greater clarity in our purpose. They understood that habit changing is about taking baby steps which helps to change your behaviour.

Later when the question ' What i am? ' was put in front of the participants, it made them to look deeper inside them that question gave soul searching enriching experience which threw light upon various traits of their personality. The participants learnt that instead of time managing us, we should manage time for that we should manage ourselves to have enough time on hand to do many things differently and effectively as Time and Tide waits for none. On 31st of December, we all celebrated the spirit of the New Year which will bring happiness to everyone, one which gives more than what one gets and fills our lives with joy and fun! Creating sub goals that are concrete, measurable and time based was taught here. They also taught us how to focus on our goals, applaud our self for keeping them, visualise success and celebrate our smallest victory.

We expect to pass through this world but once, any good things therefore let me do it now. Let me not differ or neglect it, for we shall not pass this way again. We envision a galaxy of excellence as we sow seeds of hard work so that we can reap gardens of peace, prosperity and enlighten. Stand together for what you believe, work for what must be done, so that each and every day when counted in time will yiled an eternity.

Thus concluded the workshop on 2nd January, 2014.

My experience of this workshop is as follows:

The excitement began just after your call in which you invited me to be a part of it. Many questions started popping up in my mind, What is this workshop all about? Who all are invited? Why am I invited for this? and many more.

I tried to know a lot about this WS before coming to Asia Plateau, but was unable in doing so.

As you know when I entered this place, my mindset was completely different. As the days passed, I started getting into its flow.

The very first day when I started writing about my achievements, I was amazed to know that I have achieved a lot in my own little way. May be my achievements were not that big as compared to others, but they really mean a lot to me. After all they were my moments of joy and happiness in my past.

Then as the workshop was getting channelized in your given direction, I got to realize a lot from inside. I never got this much deep in the Quiet Time in YCs.

I started feeling that my aim is not that far away, but its me and my actions that are making it look far. I made an action plan and I am sure I'll achieve what I want, maybe not immediately but yes, definitely.

I know that I did not share much in the sharing but this does not mean that I did not write in my diary. This was the first time that I filled almost half of my diary in just 6 days. I will preserve this for my life long and will keep in touch with you always.

I just can’t express that how much motivated and empowered I am feeling. It has been a week and I have done everything which I promised during my sharing.

The December Workshop came as a surprise to me. I actually was in need of self-introspection at that time and thanks to you Sir, that this workshop came as a helping hand to me. I had attended the June 2013 “Youth Conference” which I found was really interesting and helpful. Many events and aspects of my life which I had ignored (as the caused some sort of emotional turbulence in my mind), did surface and I found it easier to tackle them. But December Workshop was completely different (although based on the same idea). As there were less participants, it was more comfortable and organised. I never found it difficult to concentrate and connect to whatever you told as at the YC but still in the workshop having less people around really helped.

The workshop was focused on the “I” but the new aspect which got highlighted in the workshop was the “I to WE” part. Initially I did not connect to it but as more and more topics were introduced which were indirectly connected to the “I to WE” part of the workshop, things started getting more clearer. It taught me one thing that small acts of kindness, thought seem insignificant but can make a great difference. And this act of kindness need not be done for poor people or disabled. Even our neighbours, our friends, our classmates, our parents may be one of them. Because in the process of showing love to others we usually tend to forget the people who are closest to us.

Another aspect which we thought on was about our achievement and ambitions. Usually we are so engrossed in running behind our ambitions that we tend to forget what we have already achieved. This makes life more monotonous as we miss the most beautiful moment of life – ‘to feel good about what I have done’. This I realised when we were told to write down our achievements and I had a list of it. In that process I also found that how important it is to be grateful to people who have made your life what it is today. I should always have an attitude of gratitude.

Then the workshop reached the most important phase. I feel that this was exactly the reason why I attended the workshop. The session on ‘HABITS’. It was in this session where I got to know what I am as a person and whether the habits and character I possess will propel me to success. It showed me that how inefficient I was in organising my day and utilizing time. Just as I had decided I have chalked out a 21 days plan to inculcate good habits and I am 6 days into it. I can get up early and also go to gym early but other things like organising my work will take time. There are loop holes in my planning. Proper planned days (like yours) will soon be in my life. It has got me out of my comfort zone. It’s difficult but when I manage to get a checkmark on the chart it gives me a feeling of a winner. And by the end of the 21st day I will definitely manage to get a checkmark in every checkbox on the chart.

This workshop taught me that ‘The real essence of life is not living it as it comes but to constantly improving it and evolving as a better and more focused person.’ Quiet-time is the soul of every Youth conference and it is the only way through which you can connect to your soul and be honest to yourself. There is lot more to learn and discover about myself.

Like every year December time is very special, one is winter has set in and enjoy wearing woollies, Christmas is round the corner and in India endless marriages takes place in this month, but the most special moments for me is to be at AP and searching in silence.

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